Great Leaders are Salespeople

Every person leading people to decide between one alternative over another is a salesperson. That includes Jesus, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, every president, attorney, motivational speaker, as well as your kindergarten teacher, mother, and father. Anyone intent on influencing your life choices is actually trying to sell you on something.

Great leaders are “salespeople.” They have to be to inspire a following. Imagine a person who stood up and said to a crowd, “Follow me,” and walked off. Who would follow? Not many.

However, if that person gave a rousing speech that rallies the group to take action – people will follow. Leaders influence people to follow them toward a course of action. That is salesmanship.

Many of the great entrepreneurs that have created offerings and changed our lives started out selling door to door or had paper routes, etc. They were mini-entrepreneurs early in life who evolved and honed their power of influence and just kept on going.

Those who choose a sales career develop these skills with a professional focus. They learn the science and art of influence and use it in their profession.

At Corporate Visions, our focus is to ensure you benefit from these incredibly powerful skills with high integrity and honor. Our goal is that you can successfully lead people to make choices that will improve their lives, both personally and professionally. Visit to discover more.

– Chuck Laughlin
Founder of Corporate Visions Inc.