The Best Power Positions Have Heart in Them

When you pick your Power Positions you choose them because they have three main qualifications: they are unique to you, important to your prospect, and defensible. They become the battlefields you want to fight your competitor on, so that you can win the deal.

“Important to your prospect” is often the qualification that gets short-sheeted when companies pick their Power Positions.

When is something important to the prospect?  When it is “valuable” to them –when it is literally dripping with financial value, business value, and personal value.  We know that personal value is the hardest to quantify, yet it has the most dramatic effect on sales.

If your prospect is not responding to your Power Position®, then that Power Position is doing nothing to advance the sale.  One hint: be sure that when you name your Power Position, that the name itself has emotional impact.  Don’t just make this an intellectual exercise. Give it punch. Make sure it has “heart” in it, not just “intellect.”

David Lane, a Senior Consultant with Corporate Visions, likes to put it this way: think of a Power Position as a font, a place holder. When you italicize it, make it lean forward, that is when it gets noticed.

So, like a good direct response marketing person, pick your words carefully, give them emotional fire, and make them memorable so the prospect will repeat them.  Do a good job here, and you have done a major job of advancing your sale!

What do you think? Do your Power Positions have heart in them?

By Chuck Laughlin, Founder, Corporate Visions Inc.