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Differentiation Skills

Creating Value and Building a Buying Vision

Salespeople are just as guilty as marketers of wanting to jump straight into talking about Why You – convincing your prospects to choose you by telling them who you are, what you do, and why you’re great. But at the early stages of the sales process, your prospects aren’t even sure they need to do something differently, so the initial phase needs to focus less on why to choose you, and more on why they need to make a change.

This Why Change conversation breaks through your prospects’ status quo barriers by showing them the unknown threats, challenges, new obligations or even potential opportunities they’re missing. It builds a buying vision for your solution and a differentiated experience for your customers, instilling an unfair bias for your solutions before the “competitive bakeoff” even begins.

Corporate Visions’ Power Messaging® Workshop gives your salespeople the distinct sets of skills and tools needed to have both the Why Change conversation and then the Why You discussion.

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Find out how to use Grabbers to get prospects out of the Hammock

Learn about the old brain – the decision-making part of the brain

Break your addiction to PowerPoint…start using pictures


Corporate Visions’ Power Messaging Workshop is the only selling skills course based on the science behind how the brain makes decisions, and teaches conversation techniques across every type of interaction in the buying cycle – phone, email, web and in-person – with a blended learning approach. They’ll learn how to uniquely message to both the Why Change and Why You parts of the buying process in a compelling, memorable, and remarkable way. And your pilot workshop includes a 3rd party, ROI measurement assessment to measure adoption and track real business impact realized by the new skills. Download the Power Messaging solution brief now.