Messaging Launch

Getting Your Message Used in the Field

It’s a hard truth: most product launches fail, and 70-90% of the content created in the name of sales support goes unused (American Marketing Association). Traditional product launches, with their “tah-dah” unveiling moment and selling tools tossed onto a company portal, aren’t effective. The initial buzz quickly becomes white noise in the chaos of competing sales priorities, and your content gathers dust in a dark corner of your sales portal.

So what do you need to do differently to save your new message and tools from getting lost in translation between marketing and sales?

Launch your message in a way that gets your story and tools enthusiastically and confidently adopted. Package and push your content into sales reps’ inboxes and mobile devices – so your team can master your story in easily consumable, engaging chunks. Drive adoption by making it easy for sales managers to create and deliver coaching sessions. Finally, ensure consistent and effective message delivery with continuous post-launch reinforcement pushes.


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With Corporate Visions’ Power Launch™, you’ll deploy your new visual stories and supporting tools to the field through an engaging digital postcard, sales manager or Corporate Visions-led coaching opportunities, and deep-dive visual storytelling skills reinforcement. Download the Power Launch solution brief now.