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Do your value propositions sound the same as everyone else’s? When your prospects can’t see the difference between you and the competition, they become indecisive, and force you to “be different” in the one area they can easily comprehend – price. To combat this, you need to create differentiated messaging to get beyond the obvious identified needs, and the corresponding specified capabilities.

This becomes your Distinct Point of View. You set yourself apart from your competitors by developing an unexpected urgency in your prospects to make a change, and then proving your unique value by amplifying the needs that point to the strengths of your organization.

Only Corporate Visions helps you build this distinct, provocative message, unhinging your prospect’s status quo, and positioning you to win against the commodity trap.


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Power Positioning Consulting is a process with a unique approach to developing your messaging and Distinct Point of View. As an outcome of the consulting process, you have persuasive messaging captured in your Conversation Roadmap and two visual storytelling whiteboards to engage prospects in a compelling, memorable way. Download the Power Positioning solution brief now.