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Content to close the conversion gap between leads, pipeline, and deals

What percentage of your leads is converting to qualified pipeline? What about closed deals? The focus for measuring demand generation program performance has shifted from documenting the number of leads to demonstrating hard dollar impact on sales metrics such as pipeline and revenue. Most companies are finding their content is not ready for this challenge.

The Conversion Gap.
Here’s why. There is a lack of alignment between the self-service customer conversation (inbound marketing and demand generation) and the sales-directed dialogue (sales enablement and operations).

Content such as eBooks, infographics, and playbooks are often created by these different departments. The resulting lack of consistency between the two conversations causes confusion, no compelling reason to change, and ultimately a “no decision” by the buyer.

Developing an effective and aligned content program is a critical differentiator for companies seeking to deliver high-impact messaging across the customer conversation lifecycle. Only Corporate Visions helps you create messaging and tools for both the self-service and sales-directed conversations. Leveraging a powerful methodology based in decision-making science.

Marketers can develop insight-rich videos, eBooks, infographics, and case studies that spark a conversation when and where it matters most to the buyer. Sales enablement teams can ensure a smooth hand-off to the field by providing proven coaching and customer-facing content in the form of launch kits, playbooks, whiteboards, and presentations that deliver a consistent, high-quality story for the first call and beyond.

Only Corporate Visions has the content strategy, content templates, and messaging development methodology to deliver both your demand generation and sales enablement assets to close the conversion gap.

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Self-Service Tools

What if you could…

  • Give buyers insight – unique, relevant, and meaningful information about the business issues and challenges they face.
  • Challenge them to question their status quo and prime them for change.
  • Increase conversion rates of marketing-sourced leads.

Sales-Directed Tools

What if you could…

  • Reduce wasted selling activities because salespeople no longer need to create their own materials.
  • Equip salespeople with the information they need to better qualify opportunities and close deals faster.
  • Reinforce previous training for a higher return on skills and stories investments.


What if you could…

Create a compelling whiteboard story to break through the status quo barrier?

You need Corporate Visions’ Power Tools: Point of View Whiteboards

Create a differentiated whiteboard story that sets you apart from the competition?

You need Corporate Visions’ Power Tools: Solution Whiteboards