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Ten Tips for Implementing Sales Negotiation Training That Work!

article_iconHere are 10 tips for building a sales negotiation training program that maximizes profitability and customer satisfaction.

1. Focus on the specific skills. The first step in improving sales negotiation skills is to provide the training and tools that teach your salespeople how to protect pricing and …

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Bridging the Great Conversation Divide

infoRecent research revealed that only half of salespeople feel prepared to create new sales opportunities. The findings shown in this infographic discuss the disconnect between where salespeople feel pressure and how well their companies prepare them for key customer conversations.

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Marketing Messenger: 18 exclusive insights from that every marketer should know

cmo-ebook-thumbnailThis eBook for marketing and sales leaders features 18 exclusive insights from contributed by Tim Riesterer, thought leader and co-author of Conversations that Win the Complex Sale. Discover how to develop compelling and provocative messages to challenge your prospects’ status quo, improve the usefulness and …


Fleeing the Tension… and other sales negotiation mistakes that kill deal profitability

fleeing the tensionAre your team’s seemingly small discount concessions doing major hidden damage to your profit margins?  You’ve undoubtedly invested immense amounts of time and money to create products and services that add value for your B2B customers.  Unfortunately, much of your value is lost when your reps fail …


The State of Mobile Enablement: Where it’s Working (and Where it’s Failing)

the state of mobile enablementIf you’re looking to increase the success of your product launches, the adoption of your message, and the accessibility of your sales tools… you need to determine the best way to get on board with the mobile-enablement movement.

In this latest report, Corporate Visions and SAVO teamed …