A Corporate Visions survey found that 80 percent of marketing and sales professionals feel their demand generation campaigns are insufficient when it comes to helping them achieve sales success.

The same survey found that 65 percent of sales teams use less than half of the demand generation content their marketing department produces.

If your campaigns don’t give buyers a compelling reason to leave the status quo, you may be creating a lot of virtual consumption—meaning they like your content online, but they don’t do anything different as a result. And if your sales team isn’t using the content your marketing team creates, you probably have as many rogue messages being made up and shared with your customers as you have salespeople.

To rise above the noise in the self-service conversation, your campaigns need to be geared for the “why change” conversation. Your infographics, eBooks, videos and whitepapers need to carry a unique and urgent message into the customer conversation, one that helps your reps get meetings and paves the way for them to create the buying vision.

With Corporate Visions’ Demand Generation Content, you can deliver insightful, provocative campaigns that capture buyer interest and defeat their status quo.

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