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Only 27% of B2B marketers and salespeople believe their messages focus on customers and not them.

Does your messaging need to break through the status quo bias and more clearly differentiate you?

We often hear about the value of sales methodologies and skills training programs, and how they can be a difference-maker in your most important customer conversations.

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We hear much less about its counterpart on the marketing side: A messaging and content program—think a marketing methodology—that’s also steeped in clearly defined principles, and just as rigorously developed and applied.

Unfortunately, a consistent, structured messaging program is the exception rather than the rule. A Corporate Visions survey, which polled more than 500 B2B companies, found that only 28 percent of marketing departments have a well-established messaging development process that everybody follows.

Corporate Visions’ cross-functional approach to messaging will help you develop a provocative and consistent story to dislodge the status quo and highlight your differentiation. Anchored in the decision-making sciences, our approach leverages the hidden forces that shape the way buyers frame value and make choices.

With Power Positioning, you’ll create messaging that creates the buying vision by identifying unconsidered needs and connecting them to your unique strengths. And with PowerInsights, your team can develop visionary insights that generate interest and urgency.

What if you could develop messages that matter to your prospects and clearly separate you from the status quo and your competition?

Corporate Visions’ Power Positioning uses a unique Customer Conversation Roadmap process that helps you find your ‘Value Wedge” – where your story is important to your prospect and unique to you.

How do you give your marketing team the ability to create differentiated stories for every customer business problem you solve?

If your team lacks the skills and process to deliver consistent, great stories across your portfolio, you need Corporate Visions’ Power Messaging® Methodology – a training, certification and licensing program that allows you to bring the Power Positioning Methodology in-house.


Drive differentiated, conversation-shaping insights with fresh, exclusive research.

If your messaging lacks the impact and believability needed to make prospects take notice, you need Corporate Visions’ Power Insights® Consulting – a program for developing fresh, exclusive, research-driven data that drives differentiated, actionable insights.


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