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Only 10% of companies believe they have complete coordination between their demand generation and sales enablement and training efforts.

Demand generation content and sales enablement assets that close the “conversion gap”

What percentage of your leads is converting to qualified pipeline? What about actual closed deals?

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When it comes to marketing and sales enablement performance, these are the questions that matter most. That’s because there’s been a shift in how companies measure their performance. It’s now about demonstrating hard dollar impact on sales metrics such as pipeline and revenue. And most companies are finding their content isn’t up to the task.

What’s the reason for this? It’s something we call the conversion gap, which is caused by a lack of alignment between the demand generation conversation and the sales-directed dialogue. Unfortunately, the lack of coordination between these teams appears to be rampant.

A recent Corporate Visions survey found that only 10 percent of companies believe they have complete coordination between demand generation and sales enablement/training. The survey also found that companies who are shoring up this area are seeing positive gains: 68 percent of companies who describe their teams as “coordinated” or “completely coordinated” believe this has a positive impact on their lead conversion efforts.

With Corporate Visions’ Power Tools, you’ll help marketers and sales enablement/training professionals develop a consistent, status quo-busting story that generates interest and converts it into opportunity. Our aligned content program will help you realize the pipeline impact you need.

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