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Power Tools: Collateral

Industry Fact: 88% of executives want a CONVERSATION not a PRESENTATION

(Forrester Research)

Your Challenge

Every year for the last 10 years sales and marketing expenditures have been growing faster than revenue (Forrester Research). There’s a gap between marketing and sales, and there’s a lot of money disappearing into it. How do you bridge it?

A smart place to start is to eliminate the inefficiencies in your content creation and distribution process where, all too often, sales tools are created in silos. Many companies spend a large chunk of their budget with agencies to capture their product’s features in artful packaging, and then toss that content over the fence to sales with crossed fingers.

Your Pain

Marketing materials get wasted by the field. In fact, 90% go unused (American Marketing Association). Rather than creating endless text-heavy data sheets, why not use visual storytelling tools that engage your executive audience?

Clandestine collateral and off-message presentations. When they don’t get what they need from marketing, salespeople will “fill the gap” by creating their own content, developing Microsoft Word and PowerPoint cut-and-paste jobs of your expensive collateral. As a result, your messaging gets diluted when it hits the field and you risk losing control of your brand.

What if you could…

  • Deploy your Power Positions to generate compelling, rather than stale, presentations that look like everyone else’s?
  • Stop wasting money on tools that don’t get used by the field?

Your Risk

Want to ensure the success of your new Power Positioning® messages – getting your field reps on board and using visual storytelling throughout the sales cycle.

Want to improve the consistency and quality of your messaging from the beginning to the end of the buying experience, so your differentiation is clearly communicated to your prospect.

Struggle with salespeople being able to find the messaging and tools they require, when they need them.

Your Opportunity

You need to take the messaging from your Conversation Roadmap to the next level with Power Tools: Collateral. With your new visual storytelling tools, you’ll create a buying vision that engages your executive audiences.

With Power Tools: Collateral, you leverage the investment you made in the cross-functional messaging development effort between your marketing, products, and sales organizations with Power Positioning, and take it a step further by adding visual storytelling to typically data-heavy, text-heavy exchanges.

Corporate Visions’ Difference

First, your customer-focused messages and stories are created in a Power Positioning consulting engagement – then captured in a Conversation Roadmap document. Next, your demand generation tools are inspired by the challenges and value stories in your Conversation Roadmap source document. Finally, your visual stories are captured in executive collateral, which is fueled by the stories in your Conversation Roadmap source document.

Your Value

  • Message for a decision with a visual storytelling format that gets more people to respond and choose you.
  • See consistent, high-quality field adoption of new messaging while extending marketing’s relevance deeper into the sales cycle.
  • Reduce wasted selling activities because salespeople no longer need to create their own materials.