Most companies believe their salespeople do a good job preserving the value of their deals throughout the early stages…

…but that they lose value at the end of the process, when purchasing starts demanding a lower price. That’s typically when salespeople resort to late-game negotiation strategies to retrieve or protect their pricing.

But the notion that discounting only happens at the end of the buying cycle, once purchasing gets involved, is a misconception. In reality, you’ve been losing value throughout the course of your deal—not just at the end—through what we call “value leaks,” which happen as decision makers ask for things and salespeople give them away.

Therefore, most salespeople don’t realize that they’ve been negotiating throughout the buying cycle, and that the things they’ve been giving away—demos, trial runs, early price concessions, meetings—have been leaking value from their deals.

Corporate Visions has a unique approach to helping you maximize the value of your deals.

Through Capture Value, your salespeople learn the behaviors and techniques that expert negotiators use to avoid unnecessary discounting and expand the size and profitability of your deals.

With Situational Sales Negotiation, your salespeople will learn to negotiate more effectively – not just at the end of the sales process – but from their very first customer contact.

Build a “Triple Threat” sales team

Combine classroom-based and online skills training to support every point of the customer conversation.
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