When reps engage with prospects, they often start with features and benefits—which leads straight to a commodity conversation.

Instead, they need to create enough value in the mind’s eye of your prospects that they see the need to leave their status quo situation and choose you.

Only with Corporate Visions will your salespeople acquire the necessary skills to do just that. In Power Messaging, your reps will learn how to tell two key stories: “Why Change” and “Why You.” First, they’ll learn how to communicate a buying vision grounded in your company’s distinct Point of View. Then they’ll learn how to apply your differentiated capabilities to your prospects’ unconsidered needs to show how you can deliver on that buying vision.

Throughout this training, your reps will learn the specific conversational techniques—objection reframing, personal stories, grabbers, and more—that build their confidence and their ability to create more engaging and persuasive conversations.

Build a “Triple Threat” sales team

Combine classroom-based and online skills training to support every point of the customer conversation.
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