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Content Consultant

Anywhere in the U.S.
Full-Time, Contract, Consulting

Mission for Content Consultant: We are seeking natural storytellers to work with our clients to craft simple, differentiated, and memorable written and visual stories for use by marketers and sellers.

The Content Consultant role: This job doesn’t exist anywhere else. It’s a mix of journalistic-style interviews and writing, and agency-style client management (with deadlines, demanding stakeholders, mitigation of risk, etc.). It’s also B2B marketing and sales enablement. You’re creating the source messaging for marketing campaigns and sales conversations and enablement assets. Rather than tell clients what their story should be, you’re extracting the rich information stakeholders have in their heads and shaping it into a cogent story. You also own your time and output. No one gate-keeps your work and you manage the client—you are solely responsible for meeting quality standards and established deadlines.

The constitution of a good Content Consultant: You are an excellent writer who enjoys long-form writing and appreciates the power of the written word. You like the mix of working by yourself in the quiet of your own home and intensive collaboration with colleagues and clients in workshops. You are an active learner and can process a boatload of information quickly. You find highly technical and complex businesses in different industries interesting. You are self-motivated and have high standards for your work. You’re not intimidated by large corporations or executives and can confidently hold discussions and engender trust with senior stakeholders. You understand business language and how businesses sell and market to other businesses. You embrace challenge and aren’t easily flustered by stumbling blocks. You enjoy solving problems and identifying and weaving together the essential threads of a story from a mess of information. You like to travel, sometimes to fun and cool places in the U.S. and around the world; other times to non-descript office parks in the suburbs.

Why content consulting at Corporate Visions: You see inside some of the largest, most high-profile companies in the world and help them determine what they’re going to say to the market. This could be within a product group or at the senior-most level of the organization, where market perception and business viability are on the line. Your time is a healthy mix of travel and working from home. It’s a new way of thinking about marketing and sales, based on decision-making science, that will forever alter the way you approach both. You work with an incredible team of high-performers who are truly supportive partners and the best at what they do.

key skills and responsibilities

  1. Write engaging, conversational sales and marketing messaging
    • Capture and filter input (during and after workshop) to find the best, most on-point and memorable story
    • Create deliverables that compel customers to act, resonate with salespeople, and change the trajectory for markets and companies
    • Work with clients through the editing and design process until deliverables are final
  2. Be an effective in-room facilitation partner
    • Collaborate constructively with facilitators throughout the two-day workshop, provide input and work together to identify and develop the story
    • Ask participants clarifying questions during workshops and push them to reveal their best story
    • Demonstrate poise during stressful situations that may involve executive-level officers from large corporations
  3. Serve and communicate with clients professionally and confidently
    • Lead group and one-on-one client calls (sometimes with very high-level executives) to set workshop and deliverables expectations, create alignment around intent, target, and products/services being messaged
    • Interview stakeholders pre workshop to gather background, synthesize findings, and share with account manager and facilitator
    • Be a helpful, proactive “touchstone” for the client before, during, and after the engagement
    • Identify potential threats to a successful engagement and clearly articulate risks to the client Explain CVI’s process, policies, and methodology thoroughly and confidently
  4. Demonstrate strong, instinctive critical thinking skills
    • Identify the “problem behind a problem” and find the appropriate solution
    • Find the “best” answer to a client challenge, not necessarily the “easiest” answer
  5. Manage time and projects effectively with little to no supervision
    • Submit 100% of deliverables to clients on time
    • Deliver writing free of typos or grammatical errors and written in a conversational, best-friend tone
  6. Expected travel approx. 30%

Please send inquiries to, with "Content Consultant" in the subject line.