content services manager

Department: Content Services
Job Status: Full Time or Regular Freelance, Consulting
Location: Anywhere in the U.S. or Europe


What happens when insight-rich, original decision-science research combines with your storytelling skills? Corporate Visions is seeking accomplished writers to craft insightful, differentiated, and memorable content that moves the needle for the world’s biggest and most recognizable companies.

The ideal background includes B2B marketing and/or sales enablement roles with extensive experience writing a variety of content—from emails, infographics, and e-books to sales playbooks, presentations, and conversation guides.

The ideal candidate is an excellent writer who enjoys long- and short-form writing and appreciates the power of the written word. You like the mix of working by yourself in the quiet of your own home and intensive collaboration with colleagues and clients. You are intellectually curious and can process a boatload of information quickly. You find highly technical and complex businesses in different industries interesting. You are self-motivated and have high standards for your work. You’re not intimidated by large corporations or executives and can confidently hold discussions and engender trust with senior stakeholders. You understand business language and how businesses sell and market to other businesses. You embrace challenge and aren’t easily flustered by stumbling blocks. You enjoy solving problems and identifying and weaving together the essential threads of a story from a mess of information.

You can live anywhere in the U.S. or Europe, but English needs to be your primary language. The job can be up to 10% travel once you’re fully trained. This is a writing-intensive position.

key skills and Responsibilities

  1. Write engaging, conversational marketing and sales content
    • Interview clients to find the best, most on-point, and memorable story
    • Follow Corporate Visions writing techniques, processes, and conversation templates to produce content that’s free of jargon, marketing speak, and hyperbole
    • Pay attention to detail, and deliver writing without typos or grammatical errors
    • Collaborate with team members to develop custom client solutions, and provide and accept constructive feedback with an open mind
    • Work with our in-house design team to bring your content to life, while aligning with clients’ brand and voice guidelines
    • Achieve a minimum 85% utilization rate
  2. Serve and communicate with clients professionally and confidently
    • Be a helpful, proactive “touchstone” for the client before, during, and after content projects
    • Lead group and one-on-one calls with client stakeholders (sometimes high-level executives)
    • Demonstrate strong, instinctive critical-thinking skills
    • Manage multiple, ongoing content projects by adhering to project plans, hitting 100% of deadlines, and following up with clients at key milestones
  3. Become a Corporate Visions “conversation expert”
    • Explain Corporate Visions’ processes, policies, and methodology thoroughly and confidently
    • Learn our conversation methodologies and frameworks at a DNA level, so you can apply them in everything you write
    • Investigate our skills and messaging offerings to better understand the full scope of what we offer to clients, and apply relevant best practices in your own work

Please send inquiries to, with “Content Services Manager” in the subject line.