senior client partner

Job Status: Regular, Full Time, Exempt
Location: Anywhere in the U.S.


If you are interested in working closely with Corporate Visions’ clients to co-create a plan to execute on their growth strategies, our Senior Client Partner might just be the role for you.

The Senior Client Partner is responsible for:

  1. Co-creating a plan to execute on a Corporate Visions client’s growth strategy,
  2. Creating and guiding a Corporate Visions client-specific implementation plan, and
  3. Leading Corporate Visions clients’ value realization efforts

This is a critical, strategic, and unique role in the organization. One of three members of a typical Account Team, the other two include an Account Executive (sales) and Client Engagement Manager (project management).


  • Quickly assess a client’s unique needs.
  • Co-create a plan to execute on their growth strategy with a focus on first identifying their prioritized sales motions, followed by key levers, and then teams/target audiences.
  • Create user journeys and solution demonstrations uniquely positioned to solve the client’s needs.
  • Advise and partner with clients on their enablement strategy (may include, but not limited to process, leadership, messaging, skills, and technology).
  • Advise and partner with clients on how to align or enhance their sales technology stack to drive performance in their organization.
  • Co-lead the implementation effort, leveraging other talented Corporate Visions resources.
  • Solve any challenges that may arise during implementation.
  • Drive to documented impact and success in every account.


  • Ability to envision and execute a comprehensive and successful enablement strategy.
  • Ability to partner with and influence a commercial/sales organization.
  • Ability to guide and advise on sales technologies and how technologies help executive on the envisioned growth and enablement strategy.
  • Ability to guide or coach clients.
  • Ability to create and drive program management.
  • Ability to align enablement efforts to a revenue approach or process.
  • Either Marketing, Industry, Sales, or Customer Success experience is a plus (but, not required).
  • Ability to quickly consume all Corporate Visions IP and advise clients on it appropriately.
  • Ability to clearly communicate, influence, and drive a program from start to finish.
  • Ability to create and drive a program/project measurement and evaluation plan.
  • A great outlook and can-do attitude.

Please send your resume to, with “Senior Client Partner” in the subject line.