Are you wrecking your conversions?

By Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer

January 21, 2015

Imagine a relay race where the runner covers her eyes and tosses the baton to the person running the anchor leg, instead of coming along side, stride for stride and making a clean hand-off. The result would be disastrous.

Yet, that’s exactly what’s happening in most companies’ marketing, sales enablement and training departments today. A recent Corporate Visions survey found that only 10 percent of companies are completely coordinated in these efforts, despite the fact that 40 percent of respondents believe optimal alignment contributes to stronger lead conversion rates.

Like a bad hand-off in relay racing, this lack of coordination has major consequences.

Alignment survey findings: 68 percent of companies who describe their demand generation and sales training teams as ‘coordinated’ or ‘completely coordinated’ believe this has a positive impact on lead conversion. On the other hand, nearly 39% of companies who reported being ‘uncoordinated’ or ‘somewhat coordinated’ in these areas believe their lack of alignment leads to fewer converted leads and closed deals.

Want to see how you stack up against the competition? Our latest infographic breaks down the full survey results.

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