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Avery-Lerner-photoWe were excited to chat recently with Avery Lerner, vice president of enterprise accounts in the Oracle financing division. Read how Avery evolved into his current position, how the financing division interacts with sales and marketing, and a bit of the overall Oracle corporate strategy.

Q. How has your experience with Oracle and past jobs prepared you for your role today?

I’ve been at Oracle for around 15 years and we’ve grown from about 40,000 employees to over 120,000 employees since I started. My prior experience has enabled me to see how a wide array of different organizations that we’ve acquired assimilate into the Oracle culture. It has also helped me identify the attributes needed for new people to successfully join a company of our size.

Q. How does finance interact with the marketing and sales team?

Our sales organization is very focused versus being horizontally spread. Most salespeople are not necessarily experts in financial acumen, but instead they are focused on building relationships and understanding the products for our customers. As part of the financing division, we try to support them by serving as an “all-things-finance” virtual member of the team, and help them wherever they need.

Q. How has your mastery of financial acumen allowed you to be effective personally and professionally?

If you have an idea and don’t share it, you’re just going to get run over by a steamroller. If you really want to excel and help your company move forward, it’s about stepping up and not worrying about your job title. The challenge can be setting the definition yourself versus letting someone else do it for you. I try to use a broad description for my role and not let my title pigeonhole me. Instead, it’s about making the focus about your customers.

Q. What’s the #1 piece of advice you would give to your peers?

The best employee is the one who doesn’t worry about his job description. If I had worried about that and only focused on what I was hired to do, my career would not have advanced as it did.

Q. What are you looking forward to most at the Marketing & Sales Alignment conference?

I think it’s a good opportunity to hear what my peers have to say. Anytime I can step out of doing tactical work provides a chance to learn something new.

For more with Avery, join us at our upcoming Marketing & Sales Alignment Conference, where he’ll be delivering a presentation called “You Get Delegated to Whom You Sound Like: Building Business and Financial Acumen.”

And view our complete conversation with Avery here.

Tim Riesterer

Tim Riesterer

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