Content Consultant

Anywhere in the U.S.

Contract, Consulting

We are seeking natural storytellers to work with our clients to craft simple, differentiated, and memorable written and visual stories.

The ideal background includes business-to-business marketing or sales roles with extensive experience writing long-form content. Existing fans of Corporate Visions principles will have a leg up, though we’re interested in to talking to anyone who can do the job at a high-level.

You can live anywhere in the U.S. The job is approximately 40-50% travel once you’re fully trained.

Key Skills & Responsibilities

  1. Write engaging, conversational sales messaging
    • Type notes quickly during client workshops and capture all key content created
    • Filter workshop input to find the best, most on-point, most memorable story
    • Follow Corporate Visions writing techniques, processes, and formatting to produce messaging that’s free of jargon, marketing-speak, and hyperbole
    • Pay attention to detail and deliver writing without typos or grammatical errors
  2. Create compelling visual stories
    • Assemble and animate simple PowerPoint decks
    • Distill complex ideas into simple, concrete visuals that can be hand drawn by non-artists
  3. Be an effective in-room facilitation partner
    • Collaborate constructively with Delivery Consultant throughout a two-day workshop
    • Ask client participants clarifying questions during workshops and push them to reveal their best story
    • Demonstrate poise during stressful situations that may involve executive-level officers from large corporations
  4. Serve and communicate with clients professionally and confidently
    • Be a helpful, proactive “touchstone” for the client before, during, and after the engagement
    • Identify potential threats to a successful engagement and clearly articulate risks to the client
    • Explain Corporate Vision’s process, policies, and methodology thoroughly and confidently
    • Lead group and one-on-one calls with client stakeholders (sometimes very high-level executives)
  5. Demonstrate strong, instinctive critical thinking skills
    • Identify the “problem behind a problem” and find the appropriate solution
    • Find the “best” answer to a client challenge, not necessarily the “easiest” answer
  6. Submit 100% of deliverables to clients on time
  7. Achieve a minimum 85% utilization rate
    • Manage time and projects effectively with little to no supervision
  8. Continually improve skills and Corporate Visions’ intellectual property
    • Seek feedback from team members and accept critique with an open mind
    • Provide constructive feedback to other team members