Sellers Resist Behavior Change. Here’s How to Break Through.

Sales leaders and sales enablement professionals: One piece of information can change sales rep behavior immediately. Every time.

You have one job: changing seller behavior.

You don’t need leadership if everyone’s doing what they’re supposed to—just like you don’t need leaders to tell people to breathe every day, eat enough to survive, or blink to keep their eyes from drying out. They can do all that without your coaching or leadership.

No. Companies employ sales leaders and sales professionals to change behaviors that sellers otherwise would not change on their own naturally, reliably, or consistently.

That’s it. That’s the job.

The challenge is, many sellers resist behavior change.

So, what do you do?

  • You could try to force them to change. That can work with some people, but not most. And, since you can’t be in every conversation your sellers are having, the ones who don’t want to comply won’t comply.
  • You could try to give your sellers new information to help them see a compelling reason to change. That will get some of them, but still…if all it took was information to change behavior, we’d all be billionaires with six-pack abs.
  • You could give your sellers world-class training. That will get you more behavior change, but executing that training can take a while, and it still won’t get every seller to make lasting changes.

The reality is, most of your change efforts will bounce off the shield of habit and denial every rep has in front of them.

sellers resist behavior change

So, is there a way through that shield? Is there a way to penetrate it every time, and to do it in a way that requires little or no effort on the part of sales leaders and sales enablement?

There is.

That piece of information is direct customer feedback after a win or a loss or “no decision.” When a buyer tells a salesperson, you lost because…

  • you didn’t differentiate your solution from the cheaper competitor…
  • you didn’t build a solid business case…
  • you didn’t listen to their needs…
  • you weren’t responsive enough…
  • or any of the many other controllable (or at least influenceable) reasons you might lose

…you get immediate behavior change because the incentive and reward are right there inside the feedback.

You pierce the shield of habit and denial. 

Break through seller resistance to change with customer feedback-driven behavior change.

Why hasn’t anyone been using this powerful tool to get behavior change?

Because it was never possible to do it at scale before. At best, feedback was sporadic, subjective, and, frankly, un-scientific—which meant it was easier to dismiss and impossible to coach to.

But what if you could get win-loss feedback from 25–50 percent of your customers? What if you could collect it at scale across your entire sales team? And what if you could do it all with no human intervention from sales leaders or sales enablement or anyone else?

How much of the behavior change you’re trying to drive through your sales team today would now become effortless?

For the first time, it’s possible. Watch this webinar to learn how.

Eric Peterson

Erik Peterson

Chief Executive Officer

Erik Peterson is Chief Executive Officer at Corporate Visions, and has delivered Corporate Visions consulting workshops to more than 10,000 sales and marketing executives in 17 countries. Erik is co-author of Conversations That Win the Complex Sale, The Three Value Conversations, and The Expansion Sale.

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