Creating Value During the Business Buying Process

Creating Value During the Business Buying Process

Every B2B Buying Process Comes Down To Two Questions

Are too many of your deals ending in no decision? Are your reps jumping into the “why you” conversation before you’ve convinced prospects why they need to change? Are you getting into too many competitive bake-offs and feature-function battles during the business buying process, causing decision makers to end up choosing the lower priced option?

If any of these situations sound all too familiar, then you are probably struggling with lost opportunities, wasted sales efforts, and eroding margins…

You need to Create Value™ Skills. This unique selling skills course from Corporate Visions (formerly known as power messaging) is based on decision-making science that helps you defeat the status quo with a great “why change” story, creating real differentiation and establishing a buying vision.

Give your salespeople the ability to have compelling, differentiated conversations at every stage of the business buying process. Learn more by downloading our Solution Brief now.

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