Video: Stop Skill Erosion and Increase Sales Effectiveness—with Science

Chanin Ballance | MobilePaks
Eric Beckman | Corporate Visions
With salespeople unable to retrieve 90 percent of what they’ve learned within a month of initial training, companies need reinforcement that stems skill erosion and increases sales productivity—while keeping cost under control. Unfortunately, learning management systems are complex and not situated in the sales workflow, widening the disconnect between sales training and sellers.

This session explores how retention science applied to sales environments increases sales effectiveness, improves productivity, and accelerates sales. MobilePaks CEO Chanin Ballance will walk you through how to create sales support that maximizes learning, recall ability, and on-the-job application, so sellers can better articulate your unique value. You’ll also learn how Guided Selling (the engine behind Virtual Coach) can transform onboarding and training into scalable, just-in-time support—and ultimately result in better selling conversations.

Highlights of this session include:

• How to design sales support that sticks with retention science
• How to deliver and integrate sales training into sellers’ daily activities
• Examples of onboarding, seamless/event training and just-in-time support