Webinar: Insights That Incite Action

Creating excitement is one thing, but it’s just the start of a great insights-based message. Getting buyers to actually take action requires breakthroughs in your customer conversations, and breakthroughs happen when you defy conventional wisdom and take a science- based approach to message development and delivery. In this session, Corporate Visions’ Tim Riesterer explores a range of counterintuitive skills and techniques challenge traditional thinking and can make your digital customer interactions more powerful. Not only that: They’re proven by research to work better than more commonly used approaches. You’ll learn how to:

– Base your message on prospects’ unconsidered needs, instead of on their known challenges.

– Lead with insights to create the urgency to change, instead of leading off with discovery.

– Create risk around your prospect’s status quo situation and link it to your new safe scenario, instead creating passing excitement that isn’t actionable.