Context, contrast and concrete: the three “Cs” to wake the lizard brain

By Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer

March 31, 2014


In a recent Forbes article, Your Competitor Isn’t Your Real Competition: Status Quo Is, author Amy Morin discusses how, contrary to what prospects say, they may not be as far along the buying decision path as they think. The article cites that “60 percent of qualified leads fall by the wayside because the customer doesn’t find value in purchasing something new and therefore, they decide to forgo any type of change.”

The article goes on to talk about the brain science behind selling and getting prospects to move from the status quo. Our own Tim Riesterer details how waking the lizard brain – that primal part of the brain responsible for ensuring survival – with the three “Cs:” Context, Contrast and Concrete, makes prospects see how their current situation is no longer tenable and compels them to make a change.

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