Committing to Executive Conversations

By Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer

September 21, 2016


Business impact through business outcomes—that’s the core of the new, executive-level messaging Cisco Systems wanted to take to the market. To make that message resonate with executive buyers, they knew it needed to elevate the conversation and make their sales interactions CXO relevant. And that’s how the Sales Masters program became engraved in Cisco Systems’ culture.

Each year, 2,400 salespeople go through the Sales Masters session, according to Rica Lieberman, director, sales acceleration at Cisco Systems. Engaging Corporate Visions’ to teach executive selling skills was a big part of making the Sales Masters program a training reality. Lieberman said Corporate Visions’ instructors understood Cisco culture and had a strong grasp of what was top of mind for them, particularly the company’s strategic initiatives.

Another factor that helped make Sales Masters a success: Continuity. Cisco took advantage of a standard set of Corporate Visions instructors, which helped build consistency and rigor into the company’s training initiatives.