When it comes to messaging, an area companies routinely struggle with is the creation of messaging that’s customer-centric rather than company- or product-oriented. Corporate Visions has a specific approach to helping your organization develop messaging based on the specific phases of the buying cycle and what your prospects are trying to accomplish as they make their way through it.

Corporate Visions believes there are two critical conversations, at two different phases of the buying cycle, that organizations need to build messaging for. The first is “why change” conversation, and the second is “why you”.

Before prospects can decide if your solution is right, you have to make them see their current situation as unsafe, not tenable, and in need of a change. That means your self-service and sales-directed messaging must equip salespeople with the tools they need to excel in the “why change” conversation, helping them identify buyers’ unconsidered needs, show them something new, and dislodge them from the status quo. You then need to develop messages that build on this, helping your salespeople distinguish and differentiate once the conversation becomes a competitive discussion.

Research shows that the company that builds the buying vision with “why change” messaging will win a disproportionate share of the “why you” conversations to follow.

Only Corporate Visions’ helps you develop messaging that addresses these two distinct phases of the buying cycle. Through the Power Messaging training program, salespeople learn how to break down the status quo barrier, moving prospects from decision to indecision. Then, through the Power Positioning program, your sales team can differentiate its conversations in a way your prospects remember and care about, so by the end of the buying cycle, it’s not just about lowering the price.