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Perfect Harmony Health provides neurologic music therapy to individuals from the NICU through end of life, and at every stage in between.

the challenge

Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) uses properties of music, such as rhythm, melody, dynamics, and tempo, to address a variety of neurological conditions. While the treatment is evidence based and has gained a great deal of traction over the past two decades, it is still a relatively unfamiliar concept to most people.

This created a challenge for the leadership team at Perfect Harmony Health. “We were all very passionate about what we do, but we were not doing a good job of allowing other people into that passion,” says Jeannie Parker, Director of Development.

The team thought they had to overstuff their message with scientific detail to make an impact. “We thought by offering people a ton of information, we were giving them the most access to us as possible,” adds Hannah Rhinehart, Executive Director. “When in reality, we were clouding what they were able to see about who we are.”

Because the organization’s message and brand positioning weren’t resonating with client families or potential donors, fundraising event attendance was lackluster and donations lagged.

“We tried to reach a wide variety of audiences by touching on all the points that might matter to those individuals. By doing so, we ended up creating a very chaotic message that didn’t make sense to anyone that it reached,” Rhinehart.

With NMT being an unfamiliar concept for the average person, how could Perfect Harmony Health simplify their science-based message to make it approachable and easy to understand–without detracting from its life-changing impact?

the solution

Perfect Harmony Health partnered with Corporate Visions to transform their highly complex scientific message into an appealing, emotionally resonant Client Acquisition Message that would attract and engage their ideal clients.

The team then incorporated the message into a compelling, visually rich Memorable Presentation and a whiteboard that provided multiple ways to tell their brand story in donor meetings.

“We’re thrilled to be able to engage an audience in new and exciting ways with a much simpler idea than what we’d been offering before,” Rhinehart says. “Now, with that clear message and brand out in the community, we’ve found ourselves reaching new clients and new donors. Most importantly, we are now more effective communicators and advocates.”

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