Only Corporate Visions uses a third-party measurement firm to analyze customer results.

For the last 5 years, Corporate Visions has engaged Beyond ROI, a third-party measurement firm, to provide meaningful insights into how Value Conversation skill training is impacting the business results for their clients. The measurements are highly customized and dig deep into understanding how effective sellers are in applying specific conversation skills in their everyday sales conversations.

In all, more than 100 companies have participated in a post-training business impact study and in a recent meta-analysis published by Beyond ROI, there were nearly 1200 success stories collected with a total revenue impact of over $1 billion.  In addition to this, the studies show strong evidence that there has been a consistent correlation between successful adoption of the skills and increased levels of business impact. These business impact studies show evidence that high adopters of the Value Conversations approach consistently provide larger average deal sizes, larger pipeline growth and net revenue gains.

On average, these companies have been able to document a 10-30X hard dollar return on their investment in Corporate Visions programs in just the first 90 days after they launch to the field. They’ve documented behavior change in sales people. And, they’ve discovered that high adopters who use the messages, content and sales skills more than 75 percent of the time have deal sizes that are 2-3x larger than low adopters. Furthermore, high adopters demonstrate a 3-4x greater increase in quota achievement than low adopters.


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