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Thomson Reuters provides professionals across multiple industries with intelligence, technology and human services.

the challenge

Thomson Reuters enjoys a large market presence across many of its business units. As Kevin Casey, a sales enablement leader at Thomson Reuters, puts it: “We’re typically the choice.”

That being said, Thomson Reuters plays in some hyper-competitive industries—including legal, tax and accounting, and financial services—that are full of aggressive new entrants. And that can pose a challenge.

“Where we’re facing our biggest competition now is from smaller upstart companies which can provide maybe quicker service or discounting,” Casey said. “The challenge our sales team really is facing is how do we maintain our market share as well as grow our market share.”

Another key growth opportunity the company needed to tackle: Expanding its range of offerings across large enterprise customers. Casey noted that in some cases, multibillion dollar organizations were purchasing only one product. The challenge boiled down to one core question: “How can we better utilize those relationships, those partnerships, so we can expand the Thomson Reuters footprint within those organizations?” Casey said.

In addition, the industries Thomson Reuters serves have to constantly adapt to an overwhelming amount of regulations.

“How do we continue to keep our information relevant, and how do we continue to ensure our customers are utilizing our information as they can to help improve their business?” Casey said.

the solution

Thomson Reuters partnered with Corporate Visions to implement a conversation system, transforming its messaging, content and delivery skills across multiple business units. Casey said one of the most visible advantages of the partnership has been better messaging consistency across its enterprise, according to Casey.

He added that the program has received strong executive-level sponsorship at Thomson Reuters, and that the organizational impact of the partnership has gone over well across departments.

“The response to the program we’ve been rolling out has been largely well received,” Casey said.

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