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Wipro provides IT services, consulting, system integration, and IT outsourcing.

the challenge

With a company of Wipro’s size, with 175,000 employees, 30 practices, and 25 sub-industries, there’s always the potential for a message to become diffused. To keep salespeople performing at a high level and delivering a consistent message, sales enablement leaders need to think strategically about tackling one of their biggest selling challenges: How to harvest the range of knowledge that lives across departments at Wipro, and distill the best elements of that knowledge into an insights-driven story that Wipro’s reps can master and deliver effectively in the field.

That’s the primary challenge for Thierry van Herwijnen, global sales enablement at Wipro. A big part of that challenge, from his perspective, is combining the proper internal and external information into a compelling sales story, and making those insights available to the company’s sales team.

“One challenge is really differentiating yourself in the industry,” van Herwijnen says. “How do you focus on the value you provide as a company instead of sounding like your competitors?”

the solution

Wipro leveraged Corporate Visions’ messaging, content and skills to develop a customer conversation system that unified Wipro’s marketing and sales story. Van Herwijnen said the partnership with Corporate Visions was essential to the development of a program he’s focused on as a sales enablement leader, called “One Voice,” designed to help the sales organization speak in a consistent and compelling way about the issues that matter most to prospects and customers.

“It’s really what the title says—we want the sales organization to speak with one voice around some of the major opportunities, like digital, innovation and the [Internet of Things],” van Herwijnen said.

Wipro has worked with Corporate Visions to help create a bill of materials full of insight-rich content for their sales team, all of it incorporating their key market messages and value propositions, which the company developed through Corporate Visions’ Create Value Messages workshop.

One aspect van Herwijnen believes is essential to great customer conversations: “You need to have one integrated marketing message. There’s lots of content created by marketing and sales. How do you align those pieces of content?”

That’s where the Conversation Roadmap comes in. This source document—an output of from the workshop—governs how Wipro creates new marketing and sales content while ensuring the new material they produce remains aligned to the cross-functional, differentiated message they need to deliver.

“Our one foundational message comes from the Conversation Roadmap,” van Herwijnen said. “It’s one of the key things that’s come out of the process. That is our foundation, and from there we basically build the content.”

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