Growth Insights

Revenue leaders often rely on “best practices” to increase revenue. But most industry-touted best practices are nothing more than one company’s best guess. There’s no scientific rigor involved in vetting those claims, no correlation between cause and effect, and no evidence that any particular action led to that specific result.

How much would you risk on your best guess?

When your revenue and growth are on the line, you can’t settle for what you think might work—you need the confidence to know what works, based on decision science and rigorous research.

That’s why savvy revenue leaders around the globe are joining EmblazeTM, powered by Corporate Visions.

fuel your execution

Only with Emblaze will you get research-backed insights on revenue growth, expert advice, and a community of peers to discuss important sales challenges that are often overlooked in the industry.

By joining, you’ll gain unique insights, strategies, and insider intelligence to advance your leadership and enhance your ability to reach your company’s revenue goals.

Emblaze Growth Exchange

As a Growth Exchange member, you’ll have access to members-only virtual workshops and hands-on training for leaders and sellers. You’ll go in-depth with exclusive B2B decision science research. And you’ll meet fellow revenue leaders in the Emblaze community and learn how they’re applying the research with their teams. You’ll also see organizational benchmarking and community survey results, so that you can analyze the trends and key components of your sales growth and development.

Emblaze Growth Intelligence

At the Growth Intelligence membership level, you’ll get everything included with Growth Exchange, plus access to interactive playbooks, toolkits, and coaching videos. This means you’ll be able to apply the latest scientific research in your team’s daily sales practice. You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with our researchers and expert advisors who create and catalyze commercial change every day, and get their eyes—and brains—on your specific revenue challenges.

spark innovation and drive revenue growth

With Emblaze, you and your team won’t have to rely on best practices, guesswork, or theories anymore. Instead, you’ll know what works based on actual scientific research and testing. You’ll gain insight into how your buyers frame value and make choices. And you can empower your teams to execute your revenue growth strategy with confidence.