Message Development and Content Creation

Most organizations use only one message for every sales and marketing conversation. But in reality, B2B buyers need tailored messaging and content to answer weighty questions about their current situation.

For example, while new prospects are asking, “Why should I change?” and “Why should I choose you vs. a competitor?” existing customers are asking “Why should I stay with you?” and “Why should I buy more from you?”

Your buyer’s questions, behaviors, and motivations change from one moment to the next. That’s why you need distinct messages and content to match your buyer’s specific decision-making psychology.

science-backed sales and marketing message development

There are two major advantages to using message frameworks to match your buyer’s motivations.

First, using consistent messages based on frameworks makes it much easier to create content to deliver those messages in a systematic, repeatable way.

Second, when your messages are based on scientific research, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a marketer, a seller, or a customer success manager—it’s all about responding to the buyer’s situation. As long as you’re using the message framework to fit that situation, you’re automatically speaking with one voice across your entire revenue organization.

content creation services

Once you’ve developed your messages, your teams need tailored content to deliver those messages to your buyers.

Our content creation services are backed by neuroscience principles and the content is field tested in real buying and selling situations. Using these science-backed elements, you’ll make your messages and content more engaging and memorable. And you’ll tell a unified story that sticks in your buyers’ minds, which will ultimately move them to take action in your favor.

align your messaging and content

In partnership with leading academic experts, Corporate Visions conducts ongoing research to create and refine message development frameworks and content for every critical buying decision. Armed with updated messages and content, your revenue organization can gain an edge in their conversations across the entire Customer Deciding Journey.

Whether you need to acquire new prospects or keep and grow an existing account, you’ll have tailored and scientifically tested messages that drive results.