Sales Leadership Training that Maximizes Sales Performance

Under-trained sales managers often get stuck operating as “super reps”—troubleshooting problems and reporting on the same tired performance metrics. Because they’re so mired in day to day activities, they spend every day talking to every seller about everything. This tactical mindset undermines sales performance, increases seller attrition, and wastes time and resources.

Typical manager training can’t meet the unique needs of this critical role. Sales manager should operate with a “CEO mindset,” focusing on running and growing a business instead of merely tweaking tactics. 

To build a high impact sales leadership and coaching culture, your organization needs to build a system that instills skills that guide every manager to better utilize their time, energy, and focus.

a coaching system for sales leaders

When you implement the right sales coaching system, your sales managers will have a blueprint for turning task-driven chaos into a smart coaching cadence. They will lead more meaningful coaching conversations, accurately assess and close seller skill gaps, and help your business plan for sustained growth.

With sales leadership training from Corporate Visions, you’ll get processes, tools, and skills training for sales managers based on science-backed insights into why and how prospects and customers buy. And you’ll directly maximize performance of your sales leaders in four key areas: team development, sales planning, pipeline and forecasting, and sales execution.

team development

Ensure your sellers have the knowledge and skills required to succeed.

sales planning

Create plans for achieving peak seller performance across regions, territories, and accounts.

pipeline and forecasting

Help sellers develop a healthy pipeline and accurately forecast.

sales execution

Provide 1:1 coaching and co-selling support to help sellers navigate opportunities, lead compelling sales conversations, and convert more deals.

a science-backed approach to sales leadership training

Effectively enabling your sales leadership training program requires three components: a coaching playbook, experiential training, and continuous learning.

coaching playbook

Use a video-based training playbook to give managers access to the coaching cadence, guides, micro-learning, planning tools, and guidance on using core CRM reports and dashboards.

experiential training

Provide right mix of showing managers what great looks like and applying that knowledge in selling simulations and live coaching situations.

continuous learning

Promote ongoing skills reinforcement and manager development through on-demand learning, coaching insight webinars, training-in-a-box, 1:1 “coach the coach” calls, and certification.

sales leadership training programs

Only with Corporate Visions do you get a complete suite of sales leadership development solutions, rigorously tested and backed by scientific research. Whether your team only needs sales coaching fundamentals or you’re ready to develop a sales manager coaching system and playbook, you'll have the tools to rapidly transform your sales managers into effective coaches and change leaders.