Customer Success Training to Improve Customer Success Manager Skills

Every part of the commercial enterprise plays an important role in driving revenue growth. But when you consider that 70-80 percent of the average company’s revenue comes from existing customers, one of the most underutilized roles is customer success.

Most customer success managers get tasked with adoption, utilization, satisfaction, and problem resolution. But as customer success prioritizes these foundational elements of the relationship, they often lose sight of the higher-level strategic goals of their customer executives.

In fact, one recent industry survey found that 60 percent of companies have lost accounts because they were unaware their key stakeholders and influencers were not aligned or had left the organization.

When your customer decision makers get no insight into how your solution helps them meet their goals, it leads to more churn and fewer expansion opportunities.

70 to 80% of the average company's revenue comes from existing customers

b2b customer success skills training

Conversation Skills for Customer Success is a skills development program based on research from the field of Decision Science. Using this skills training system, your customer success managers will be able to articulate value in the most pivotal commercial conversations with your existing customers.

Create Success
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Create Success

Align your definition of value with the right metrics early in the customer relationship.

Every strong customer-vendor relationship boils down to value over time. After your customer signs the deal, you need to manage the change so they adopt your solution, ensure healthy utilization, and help them realize the value of their investment.

Elevate Success
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Elevate Success

Maintain executive attention and access throughout the customer relationship.

Your customer chose you because they believed you would make a meaningful contribution toward their strategic business goals. To protect and defend the relationship, you need to maintain executive-level access when you’re reporting results.

Expand Success
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Expand Success

Facilitate commercial conversations to keep and grow the customer relationship.

The world is dynamic and ever-changing. Your customers face evolving pressures that continually change their requirements for success. To protect and grow the relationship, you need to continually bring them new insights and relevant solutions.

science-backed skills training for customer success

Customer success holds a unique position in the commercial enterprise. They’re customer advocates and, potentially, conductors for ongoing revenue growth.

But to realize that potential, your customer success team needs research-backed conversation skills.

With Corporate Visions’ Conversation Skills for Customer Success, your customer success managers will learn a scientifically tested approach to mitigating churn, maintaining executive altitude, securing renewals, and increasing total contract value.