Get the Skills You Need With B2B Marketing Training Courses

B2B marketing training courses have historically focused on helping marketers drive awareness and run campaigns at the top of the funnel. Those marketing campaigns generated interest and demand, but at some point, there was always a handoff to sales, who would ultimately guide the buyer toward a decision.

According to industry experts, those lines have blurred. 80 percent of the sales cycle is now taking place in digital or remote settings. And that has big implications for the role of marketing in your business.

Buyers are doing more research on their own, learning about different options, forming their views, and weighing their decisions before they ever talk with sales. Those conversations are happening primarily online. And marketing is now tasked with moving both prospects and existing customers further down the funnel—up to and including the point of decision.

B2B organizations that have been training sellers now need to provide training programs and courses for marketers to learn how to influence decisions and drive more business revenue in the digital sphere.

80% of the sales cycle is now taking place in digital or remote settings

most b2b marketing is forgettable, so become memorable

Research from Corporate Visions and Emblaze shows the primary factor that drives decisions is memory. Your buyer interacts with your marketing in one moment, but they decide to purchase later on. So, if you want to influence those decisions in your favor, your marketing needs to stick in your buyer’s mind as buyers move through their decision-making process.

In fact, 87 percent of B2B marketers are unsure or don’t believe their audience acts on their content. And even though the vast majority of marketers (91 percent) agree that it’s important for audiences to remember their content, only 26 percent feel confident that the marketing materials and content they produce are, in fact, memorable.

Your marketers might be spending a lot of time developing messages, creating content, running events, and trying to gain buyer’s attention online. But if they don’t understand what not only gets people’s attention but also motivates them to act, all that marketing effort and activity won’t help you reach your business goals.

Memorable Marketing b2b marketing training courses

Corporate Visions’ Memorable Marketing™ certification program is built on research and principles from Decision Science and focuses on the four core skills that B2B marketers must master to influence buying decisions:

Memorable Message

Memorable Messages

Tailor your marketing approach to business decisions.

In the Memorable Messages course, your marketers will learn how to develop effective marketing messages using research-backed frameworks that can be applied across any digital channel and customer conversation. Marketers will discover how to best tailor their messages to resonate with prospects and customers at crucial moments in the Customer Deciding Journey.

Memorable Content

Memorable Content

Develop engaging business content for print and digital channels.

In the Memorable Content course, your marketers will focus on learning how to apply brain science principles to create more engaging and memorable business content, including digital assets like presentations, e-books, and interactive content tools that motivate buying behavior.

Memorable Visuals

Memorable Visuals

Create compelling visuals for your marketing materials.

In the Memorable Visuals course, your marketers will learn how to strategically use visuals that appeal to your audience in a way that influences their memory, and ultimately, their decisions. Marketers will see brain study research that shows how visuals affect buyers' attention and learn to create powerful, compelling designs that spark action.

Memorable Storytelling

Memorable Storytelling

Use your marketing to emotionally connect with buyers.

In the Memorable Storytelling course, your marketers will learn the neuroscience behind how stories influence your buyers’ decisions. And they’ll learn how to craft the best stories to resonate with buyers across the entire customer lifecycle.

In addition to learning how to develop the best messages and content for customer acquisition, marketers who complete the Memorable Marketing training program also learn how to support customer retention and expansion. After completing this training program, your marketers will be better equipped to run renewal campaigns, design upsell cadences, and lead customer success initiatives.

a science-backed b2b marketing training course

Memorable Marketing training from Corporate Visions is the only collection of in-person and digital B2B marketing training courses based on neuroscience research and Decision Science principles.

By studying the invisible forces that shape human decision-making and how people frame value, our B2B marketing training courses cut through the noise of the industry’s so-called “best practices” to provide scientifically tested solutions to enable your marketers with the skills to win.