Enhance your Selling Skills with Sales Skills Training: Science-backed B2B Sales Training

Most sales skills training programs conveniently ignore one glaring fact: There is no one-size-fits-all message, approach, or salesperson type.

Your buyers are asking different questions at different times as they determine whether or not they will buy from you. And our sales research shows that using the same approach for every conversation will hurt your chances of winning the deal.

Your reps won’t win over your prospects and customers by using the same messages, techniques, and selling skills for every interaction. Instead, you need to enable your team to stay situationally fluent and tailor their approach for each moment in the Customer Deciding Journey.

the customer conversation system sales training

The Customer Conversation System is a sales skills development program based on research from the field of decision science. Using this skills training system, your sales team will be able to articulate value in the most pivotal sales conversations for your business.

Initiate Value

Initiate ValueTM

Ignite your prospect’s interest and build qualified pipeline.

Why Engage
Captivate new leads and turn them into opportunities.

Why Return
Convince lost customers to give you a second chance.

Create Value

Create Value®

Break the status quo and differentiate your solutions.

Why Change
Defeat status quo bias and persuade your prospects to change.

Why You
Clearly differentiate your solutions from competing alternatives.

Elevate Value

Elevate Value®

Build a more effective business case to justify executive decisions.

Why Invest
Present a powerful business case to justify an executive's time and attention.

Why Now
Generate a sense of urgency so executive decision makers act now.

Capture Value

Capture Value®

Maximize the profitability of every deal.

Why Pay
Protect your margins by overcoming pricing pressures.

Why Sign
Drive consensus among disparate decision makers.

Expand Value

Expand Value®

Keep and grow existing customer revenue.

Why Stay
Convince existing customers to renew their relationship with you.

Why Evolve
Persuade customers to buy more with you.

flexible learning options for your team

online selling skills training: learn sales with flexible scheduling

online selling skills training

“Inline” sales training allows participants to self-schedule and complete online modules, then actively apply new skills by reviewing a challenge assignment and rubric. Sellers practice the messages, skills, and techniques they learned and receive personalized Fluency Coaching from experienced industry professionals.

instructor-led virtual training for salespeople

instructor-led virtual training

With instructor-led virtual sales training, participants attend a virtual classroom environment with live facilitation and coaching. Sales reps also complete e-learning modules and work in small teams to apply concepts and create slides for their actual accounts and sales opportunities.

instructor-led classroom training

instructor-led classroom training

In our instructor-led sales training, participants first view e-learning content for a pre-event knowledge transfer of the skills they’ll be putting into practice. In the classroom, your sales reps will work in a group to learn and apply concepts to their actual accounts and opportunities, ensuring their readiness in the field when talking to potential buyers.

ongoing training: reinforcement for your skills

ongoing training

Engage your salespeople with ongoing activities designed to focus and accelerate skills development, build experience, and apply their new communication skills to actual accounts and opportunities.

sales skills training and sales techniques based on decision science

Only with Corporate Visions’ sales skills training programs will your salespeople learn skills and messages that have been rigorously tested in behavioral research studies and shown to work in a B2B (business to business) sales environment.

When you understand the invisible forces that shape human decision making and how B2B buyers frame value, you can equip your team with scientifically tested sales techniques and conversation skills to articulate value at every moment in the Customer Deciding Journey.