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Capture Value
Capture Value

sales negotiation training and counterintuitive closing strategies

Traditional sales negotiation training teaches salespeople to “power up” or seize the upper hand in a negotiation. But this approach isn’t as effective as it used to be.

Your buyers now have all the power in sales negotiations. They approach these conversations armed with the confidence to demand discounts—and walk away when they don’t get them.

So, when prospects and customers start making demands for your time and your resources, and start asking for discounts, you need to embrace the natural tension of the moment and learn how to exchange value, rather than give it away.

close larger, more profitable deals

As deals get increasingly complex, late-stage negotiating tactics become increasingly irrelevant. Now, more than ever, your ability to create profitable outcomes depends on how deftly your reps navigate critical moments of the sales process—moments that have the potential to change the nature of the opportunity and recast the buyer’s perception of your influence.

With Capture Value™ training from Corporate Visions, your team will learn a counterintuitive approach that breaks with traditional negotiations programs and helps you turn your low-power position into a competitive advantage. 

These “low-power” techniques are key to helping you drive consensus among multiple stakeholders and protect your pricing throughout the buying cycle, not just at the end.

Capture Value skills training

Capture Value skills training

Only with Corporate Visions can you get your salespeople fluent at managing complex, consensus-driven deals and protecting your pricing—even when the buyer seems to have all the power.

Your team will learn how to apply unexpected and counterintuitive techniques to maximize deal size and value. With flexible options for online training and hands-on application-based learning combined with ongoing reinforcement, you can train your sellers on the skills they need to protect your margins and gain a negotiating edge.

Initiate ValueTM

Why should I engage with you?
Why should I return?

Create Value®

Why should I change?
Why should I choose you?

Elevate Value®

Why should I invest?
Why should I do it now?

Expand Value®

Why should I stay with you?
Why should I buy more from you?