customer acquisition is not the same as
customer expansion

Create Value
Create Value

overcome buyer inaction and differentiate your solutions

Unfortunately, many of the industry “best practices” that supposedly help distinguish you from your competitors are actually having the opposite effect—you end up sounding exactly like everyone else. And when you sound like everyone else, your buyers become more indecisive and less likely to change from what they’re doing today. In other words, the dreaded do-nothing, No Decision loss. 

Decades of research into the science of decision-making have shed light on the hidden forces that shape how humans frame value and make decisions. Mastering these forces is essential to overcoming the biggest threat to your success in this moment—something behavioral experts call Status Quo Bias.

disrupt the status quo and persuade prospects to choose you

The sour truth is that the majority of buyers prefer to do nothing instead of change. Staying the same is safe and comfortable, while change is associated with threat and risk. 

To break through buyer inertia and get prospects to leave their current situation, you need to tell a story that makes a compelling case for why they should change, and why they should change now. 

With Create Value™ training from Corporate Visions, your sellers will go beyond the typical value proposition. Your reps will understand how to bring your disruption-minded story to life with skills rooted in Decision Science.

Create Value skills training

Create Value skills training

Only with Corporate Visions can you give your sellers the two-part story needed to defeat Status Quo Bias and differentiate your solutions:

Why Change – Defeat Status Quo Bias and persuade your prospects to change.

Why You – Clearly differentiate your solutions from competing alternatives.

With a mixture of online training and ongoing coaching reinforcement, you can train your entire organization to engage prospects, build a more qualified pipeline, and establish an unfair competitive advantage.

Initiate ValueTM

Why should I engage with you?
Why should I return?

Elevate Value®

Why should I invest?
Why should I do it now?

Capture Value®

Why should I pay what you're asking?
Why should my company sign?

Expand Value®

Why should I stay with you?
Why should I buy more from you?