customer acquisition is not the same as
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Elevate Value
Elevate Value

get executive decision makers to act now

When you’re sitting across from a CXO, you only get one shot to pique their interest. If you don’t come to the table with enough knowledge and insight, they’ll shut you down without a second thought, and you won’t get another opportunity. 

With Elevate Value™ training from Corporate Visions, your team will learn how to create enough urgency to get executive buyers to change now, and build a meaningful business case to help them justify that decision.

Your sellers will learn how to tell a business impact story that connects your value to your executive buyer’s business initiatives. That means smarter, more justifiable proposals, faster closes, and fewer stuck deals.

build a business case to gain executive buy-in

Confidence and competence. All too often, that’s what’s lacking in salespeople when they engage C-suite and financial decision makers.

These shortcomings are behind the “fear of heights” that many salespeople suffer from, and they’re part of what causes reps to deliver proposals that don’t generate enough urgency to convince executives to act.

Demonstrating competence does not mean competence in your own business. It means being perceived as competent in your prospect’s business. Enterprise sellers get delegated to who they sound like. So if you want to win over executive decision makers, you need to show competence in their business, at their level.

Elevate Value skills training

Elevate Value skills training

Only with Corporate Visions can you improve your sellers’ business competence, conversational confidence, and their ability to articulate compelling financial value. 

Not only will your sellers learn the skills they need, they’ll have the opportunity to go toe-to-toe with actual c-level executives—each one of whom has made millions of dollars-worth of purchase decisions for their renowned companies. They’ll learn directly from actual executive buyers who’ve made investment decisions, not just training instructors teaching tips and tricks from when they’ve sold. 

Plus, flexible onsite and online training options for learning, practice, coaching, and reinforcement mean you can accelerate adoption and ensure the new skills get used in the field.

Initiate ValueTM

Why should I engage with you?
Why should I return?

Create Value®

Why should I change?
Why should I choose you?

Capture Value®

Why should I pay what you're asking?
Why should my company sign?

Expand Value®

Why should I stay with you?
Why should I buy more from you?