High Velocity Sales from Corporate Visions

In the fast-moving, short-sprint sales cycle, your sellers have precious little time to “run a process.” You need to motivate buyers to act quickly while fully articulating a differentiated value proposition.

Unfortunately, most companies just can’t provide the tools or skills their sellers need to win the one- or two-call close. Your complex sales processes, strategic selling programs, multi-step opportunity management templates, and consultative trusted-advisor skills training just won’t cut it.

High-velocity sales conversations require a distinct set of persuasive selling skills and tools that facilitate faster, favorable buying decisions.

high-velocity sales skills training

In high-velocity sales skills training, your sales reps will learn:

Decision Science Principles

Make your messages and sales conversations with prospects and customers more immediately persuasive and motivating.

Must-Have Sales Techniques

Differentiate your value proposition, protect your profitability, and create more urgency to propel the deal forward.

Situational Frameworks

Tailor your messages to fit your buyers’ motivations with situational message frameworks backed by behavioral research.

science-backed sales training for high-volume B2B sales

Complex sales processes and strategic sales training programs aren’t optimized for fast-moving, high-volume B2B sales.

Only with Corporate Visions’ high-velocity sales skills training program will your sellers learn skills and messages that have been rigorously tested in behavioral research studies and shown to work in a fast-moving, high-volume B2B selling environment.