Initiate Value training from Corporate Visions

ignite interest to build pipeline

To build and maintain a steady pipeline, sales teams need to constantly identify potential customers and win the right to that all-important initial conversation.

The challenge is that your prospects are being inundated with contact requests and irrelevant sales messages. It’s hard enough getting their attention, let alone securing a first meeting.

When sellers do manage to get their prospects on the phone, they struggle to ignite interest in the potential of their solution. They lead with features and benefits rather than showing they understand the challenges that are shaping their prospect’s world.

succeed in your initial interactions

The B2B buying journey has become self-directed. Buyers aren’t reaching out to sales to help guide their decisions—they’re doing their own research, comparing vendors, and narrowing their options using all the content available online.

This changing behavior has profound implications for how sellers should approach potential prospects. These buyers need you to provide value from the first interactions they have with you, or they won’t give you more their time.

How your sellers conduct initial outreach and discovery calls can not only build pipeline now, but also provides the foundation of the customer relationship for years to come.

Initiate Value skills training

Only with Corporate Visions can you give your sellers the skills they need to captivate leaders and convert them to a viable opportunity.

Why Engage – Captivate new leads and turn them into opportunities.

Why Return (coming soon)Convince lost customers to give you a second chance.

With a mixture of online training and ongoing coaching reinforcement, you can train your entire organization to get a prospect’s attention, ask the right discovery questions, and ignite interest in the potential of your solution.

Create Value®

Why should I change?
Why should I choose you?

Elevate Value®

Why should I invest?
Why should I do it now?

Capture Value®

Why should I pay what you're asking?
Why should my company sign?

Expand Value®

Why should I stay with you?
Why should I buy more from you?