Sales Enablement through Video Playbooks

just-in-time sales playbooks

Effective sales playbooks and training materials should not be large PDF files or PowerPoint decks filled with endless amounts of text. Playbooks should be designed to serve the modern salesperson—accessible from anywhere, interactive, and always up-to-date.

With vPlaybook, you can deliver a video-based playbook experience for your sellers to improve performance. Turn your static sales enablement and training content into engaging learning material with videos of top performers and thought leaders demonstrating what good looks like.

activate your content, tools, and training

Most organizations have plenty of tools and training materials for their sales team but lack an easy way to give that content to sellers in the context of their next sales conversation. If sellers can’t easily access what they need, your best training content might never be utilized in their sales conversations.

Is your enablement content is stuck in large, text-heavy documents? What if your sellers could be enabled directly in the flow of work and in the context of their next call?

Video Playbooks for Every Commercial Role


How do I get the initial meeting? How do I prepare for my next sales call? What do I say? How do I say it?


What are the best ways to package messages and content in a sales friendly way?

sales managers

How do I proactively assess and coach each of my sellers to maximize their impact and accelerate performance?

customer success managers

How do I drive retention and expansion opportunities? How do I share results and bring valuable insights to our customers?

channel partners

How do I succeed as a partner, reseller, or distributor? How do I get the resources I need for my buyers?

Learning Collections

Your enablement and training teams can create targeted learning paths by role and scenario using learning collections in vPlaybook.

For a new hire, the learning collection might include a series of activities to master core products. The tenured rep can be assigned a learning collection focused on a new capability and how to position that solution at the executive level.

With the right sequencing, gating, activity tracking, scoring, and dashboards, your commercial team get targeted learning when they need it most. You’ll know who is making real progress and where intervention is needed.

video playbook solutions

Transform your static sales enablement and training content into an engaging learning experience that connects content, tools, and video-based training directly into your teams’ natural flow of work.

Deliver high-impact learning and reinforcement that drives compelling, valuable buyer interactions and directly influences your revenue growth plays.

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