In Case You Missed It: April Showers, When It Rains It Pours!

By Rick Weber, SVP Marketing and Sales Enablement

May 6, 2020

In this monthly “In Case You Missed It” digest, you’ll get caught up with all the Corporate Visions news and updates you might have missed last month.

From a brand-new product launch, to podcast interviews, and a shoutout in Forbes, here’s what the Corporate Visions team was doing in the month of April.

New Product Launch: Mastering Remote Selling Training Program

Remote selling is now required if you hope to hit your quota. But many sales reps have realized that selling on-screen brings some unexpected challenges:

  • Your presence is reduced to a tiny image in the corner of a web conference.
  • You’re competing for attention with a highly distracting screen environment.
  • Your sales deck becomes the focus—it’s no longer the backdrop for an in-person conversation.
  • Best case, research shows that your audience will only remember 10% of what you show them after 48 hours.

How can you overcome these challenges and deliver a sales presentation that engages your audience, helps them remember your message, and persuades them to buy?

With Corporate Visions’ Mastering Remote Selling training program, you’ll learn to use science-backed techniques to grab and hold your buyers’ attention, make sure they remember your most important message, and persuade them to take decisive action after the call.

For more information about “Mastering Remote Selling” and the science behind this new course, visit:

Also, check out the news coverage in MarTech Advisor and Training Industry:

Corporate Visions Named a Top Sales Training Company by Training Industry

Training Industry claims to be “the most trusted source of information on the business of learning.” Their Top Sales Training List is based on thorough analysis of the capabilities, experience, and expertise of sales training providers.

Selection of this year’s Top Sales Training Companies List was based on the following criteria:

  • Thought leadership and influence on the sales training sector.
  • Breadth and quality of sales training topics and competencies.
  • Company size and growth potential.
  • Industry recognition and innovation.
  • Strength of clients and geographic reach.

Read more about the 2020 Top Sales Training Companies list on

The Surprising Psychology of Customer Expansion

For more than two decades, sales and marketing have relentlessly focused on “acquiring new logos.” But what happens after a prospect becomes a customer? Should teams use the exact same message when renewing or up-selling existing customers?

Chief Strategy Officer Tim Riesterer digs into the psychological difference between prospects and customers in his article for Highspot.

Read Tim’s full article on Highspot’s blog.

Podcast Appearances

Tim Riesterer sat down with Logan Lyles of the B2B Growth podcast to talk about the new book, The Expansion Sale: Four Must-Win Conversations to Keep and Grow Your Customers. The episode will go live on May 15th, so stay tuned.

Tim also joined The Salesman Podcast to share why up-selling your current customers is the best way to hit quota, now more than ever. Listen to the full conversation here.

Chief Science Officer Dr. Carmen Simon was invited to a LinkedIn live discussion with Michael Krigsman of CXOTalk. The conversation went in-depth about cognitive neuroscience and the power of communication. You can catch the recording of their conversation on LinkedIn.

Why Even Small Decisions Are Difficult Right Now

Dr. Carmen Simon was cited in an article from Forbes contributor and business coach Chris Westfall. Decision-making can be challenging, especially as you navigate an uncertain business landscape. But according to Dr. Simon, experience is vital in effective decision-making, because the past helps you predict the future.

Read the full article in Forbes to dive deeper into effective decision-making.

From the Corporate Visions Blog

Looking for more research-backed insights to improve your marketing and sales? Look no further than the Corporate Visions blog.

Here’s what published in April:

  • Customer Churn is Coming. What Can You Do? Tim Riesterer covers a recent Gainsight report on customer churn and offers to help companies who want some advice.
  • Why Isn’t Everyone Whiteboarding? Our research shows that using a whiteboard in your sales presentations can lead to better results than PowerPoint. But most sales reps still won’t let go of their clickers.
  • Remote Sales 101: Ten Easy Tips to Improve Your Online Meetings. Use these 10 practical remote selling tips and techniques to improve the quality of your online meetings.

That’s a wrap! Another “In Case You Missed It” digest will arrive next month. Until then, stay connected with Corporate Visions on Twitter and LinkedIn to see the latest.