Is Your “Check Insights” Light On?


What would a “check insights” light say about the data and information you’re using in early sales conversations? If you’re losing early-stage opportunities, or having trouble getting them past the executive suite, then it’s time for an insights diagnostic check.

Insight selling is a staple in sales organizations around the world. And with good reason. Telling a prospect about a problem they didn’t know about can position you as a trusted advisor as you help them work through the identification and solution of the problem.

But somewhere along the way, some organizations have confused “information” with “insights.” Data points from an analyst study are certainly interesting, but what do they really say about the problem? Survey data without context for how it impacts a company is just interesting data—your prospect will read it and move on.

Even worse, companies that promote selling with insights will help you do the industry research—but let’s face it, that’s the same research your competitors have access to. So using data and headlines that everyone is using doesn’t create differentiation—it perpetuates commoditization.

But here’s a thought: what if you could:

  • Move your insight selling model beyond interesting data points to over ways to resolve those issues?
  • Align your insight selling model with how the human brain perceives that information?

Corporate Visions has partnered with Dr. Zakary Tormala, a professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and an expert in messaging and persuasion, on some compelling research about how and when to use insights in sales conversations.

The studies contrasted the benefits of offering insight messages with surprising statistics vs. pairing them with specific ways to resolve that risk. They also explored the cadence of when to share an insight and when to pose diagnostic questions.

As we get to the end of the year, it’s time for an insight selling reality check, and make sure you’re actually providing insight.

Eric Nitschke

Eric Nitschke

Director of Product Marketing and Sales Enablement

Eric Nitschke is a sales and marketing veteran with expertise in written and visual storytelling, and a track record of helping companies break down complex ideas and offerings into simple and compelling stories. As director of product marketing and sales enablement, Eric develops launch strategies around Corporate Visions' portfolio of services and ensures the messaging and sales enablement content is consistent and powerful.