B2B DecisionLabs Adds New Sales Analytics as a Service Practice and Machine Learning Laboratory

Professor Leff Bonney joins B2B DecisionLabs as Research Director and leader of new practice and laboratory

RENO, NV, June 14, 2022PRNewswire – As sales leaders implement ever-more-complex tech stacks, they struggle to turn the heaps of data generated into decisions to improve their business. A new Sales Analytics Practice and Machine Learning/AI Laboratory, just launched by B2B DecisionLabs, aims to transform this structured and unstructured data generated by these tools into practical insights and coaching opportunities.

“Despite being awash in reports and dashboards, sales leaders often get murky, unactionable recommendations. These are also potentially tainted by unconscious bias or self-serving agendas,” says Dr. Leff Bonney, newly announced Research Director at B2B DecisionLabs, a research and advisory practice for marketing, sales, and customer success teams.

As founder of the Sales Educators’ Academy and co-founder of the Florida State University Sales Institute, Bonney has curated a network of university professors, many of whom turned their professional sales experiences into academic sales research and teaching careers.  Until now, they’ve been doing ad hoc research for dozens of companies, primarily looking at sales strategy, leadership, process, and personnel decisions.

The group will now be formalized as an expansion to the research and advisory practice at B2B DecisionLabs and will continue to be led by Bonney.

“We will provide leaders with rigorous, unbiased data analysis, conducted by experts who also bring the added skill of translating that data into useful insight and presenting it in a way companies can use for immediate impact,” Professor Bonney said. “We are proven researchers and educators who have also had sales jobs, which makes us uniquely qualified to help when compared to other research, advisory, and consulting companies.”

“Our mission is to apply science-backed rigor to understanding buyer and seller decisions across the commercial revenue engine at companies—from acquisition to retention and expansion,” said Tim Riesterer, Chief Visionary at B2B DecisionLabs. “Professor Bonney adds a whole new dimension to our existing behavioral simulations, brain studies, and field trial laboratories. Now, we can unlock the data from real sales activity to provide companies with an actionable set of strategies based on their realities.”


About B2B DecisionLabs

B2B DecisionLabs is the only advisory firm and membership community dedicated to helping marketing, sales, and customer success departments improve seller and buyer interactions to drive better commercial outcomes. B2B DecisionLabs offers science-backed insights, expert guidance, and field-ready tools through four dedicated research laboratories:

  • Behavioral studies – to understand why buyers behave the way they do through fast, large-scale simulations.
  • Neuroscience research – to observe what’s going on inside buyers’ brains using EEG, ECG, GSR, eye tracking, and facial recognition tools.
  • Field trials – to optimize your digital selling initiatives by testing, tracking, and validating real-world customer interactions and outcomes.
  • Machine learning & sales analytics – to transform unstructured sales data into useful insights and coaching opportunities using AI-powered technology.
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