Corporate Visions Introduces Mastering Remote Selling™ Training Program


Mastering Remote SellingTM skills training program uses brain science and research-backed design to deliver customer conversations that win.

RENO, Nevada—APRIL 6, 2020—Today, Corporate Visions, a leader in sales and marketing messaging, content, and skills training, launched its research-backed training product, “Mastering Remote Selling,” to help sales teams create and deliver winning customer conversations in a virtual economy.

Salespeople who are used to in-person meetings find themselves forced to deliver their stories virtually, over web conference calls. Confronted with a lack of control over the remote environment, including inevitable distractions and audience multi-tasking, salespeople risk losing customer attention, memorability, and deals.

“In an instant, all salespeople have been forced to conduct customer conversations remotely. Where their personal presence is reduced to a tiny image on a computer screen,” said Tim Riesterer, Corporate Visions’ chief strategy officer. “Today, their slide presentation has to do the heavy lifting. With ‘this virtual skills training program,’ salespeople will learn how to create and deliver differentiated, memorable sales conversations that win in a virtual economy.”

Using research-backed techniques, salespeople will learn the skills to:

  • Grab and hold buyers’ attention with dynamic visual storytelling
  • Prime the customer’s brain and spike attention with high-impact imagery
  • Control and focus the most important message for buyers to remember
  • Involve the audience in a way that will help them retell the story long after the call

Through an asynchronous training program, participants complete self-scheduled online modules and actively apply their newly-learned skills. They then create and present slides that align with the concepts learned and ultimately receive personal coaching from Corporate Visions facilitators regarding how well they applied their new skills.

This online training approach, which Corporate Visions calls, “Inline Training,” provides a complete and detailed assignment, with in-depth coaching, enabling sales teams to feel more confident and more satisfied, ultimately generating better results than in a live classroom.

“We know that an audience will forget 90% of what is shown to them within 48 hours. This is even more true in virtual sales conversations,” said Riesterer. “We created this product to ensure sales presentations are captivating, easy to remember, and can overcome distractions presented in a virtual environment.”

As part of the skills training, salespeople get access to Corporate Visions’ proprietary SlideClub™, a priming slide library featuring a collection of brain science pre-tested images that have been proven to attract and increase audience attention and memory during a presentation.

“In today’s selling environment, it is critical that you become part of your customer and prospect’s memory. Because memories are what drive action and lead to decisions,” said Dr. Carmen Simon, chief science officer at Corporate Visions. “With Mastering Remote SellingTM, Corporate Visions provides a model to support distinct, memorable storytelling content, and delivery skills based on actual evidence. Our research-backed approach has been scientifically-tested to not only capture your audience’s attention but make you and your presentation impossible to forget.”

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