Corporate Visions Launches the “Triple Threat” Sales Skills Training System: The First Complete Online Training Library for Improving Value Conversations Across the Customer Buying Cycle

New system responds to pressures for keeping salespeople in the field and integrating training into the sales workstream

PLEASANTON, Calif., Nov. 17, 2016 — Corporate Visions, Inc., the leading marketing and sales messaging, content and skills training company, today launched the Triple Threat™ Training System, the first complete, online sales skills training library designed to improve performance in the three most critical moments of truth in a sales cycle.

Salespeople need to master three core “skills” to become a complete, top performer: 1) create enough pipeline opportunities to hit their number; 2) execute proposals by presenting a business case that passes muster with executive and financial buyers; 3) maintain profitability of deals despite increasing commoditization and pricing pressure.

“This is what we call the ‘triple threat’ of selling and sales performance,” says Tim Riesterer, chief strategy and research officer at Corporate Visions. “In show business, performers are considered a ‘triple threat’ if they can sing, act and dance. In sales, the ‘triple threat’ performer excels at pipe, proposals and profits.”

The Triple Threat Training System is a virtual, modular version of Corporate Visions’ proven successful classroom-based skills training programs, now available as a library of 10-15 minute training modules with dozens of shorter 60-90-second reinforcement videos.

The product comes at a time when many companies are facing serious challenges around training access. Corporate Visions’ State of the Conversation Report found that nearly 80 percent of companies are struggling to train the number of salespeople they want on the skills they need. Meanwhile, 65 percent of companies are increasing their investment in virtual training options while classroom training purchases remain flat.

“The pressure to move sales skills training online is very real, with the biggest reason being that sales leaders are reluctant to take reps out of the field for scheduled training events,” Riesterer said. “However, most training departments have viewed virtual training as an efficient alternative where they can deliver more training at lower cost. In the case of the Triple Threat, we’ve identified ways to also make it more effective.”

The Triple Threat Training System offers four ways to make virtual training more effective, not just more efficient:

  • Performance-based training – This leverages sales system data to help companies identify salespeople who are struggling in the triple threat skills areas, such as those who are not creating enough pipeline; have too many stalled proposals; or are discounting to a number and leaking profits.
  • Needs-based training – You can conduct a behavioral outcomes fluency assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses of salespeople and match that to specific competency modules that can be “kitted up” for a personalized learning journey.
  • Situationally relevant training – Align specific skills training modules to each step of your sales process and present those online at each opportunity stage of your CRM, helping to reinforce a consistent sales process.
  • Sales “play”-based training – As you launch products and promote go-to market strategies in sales “plays,” you create the opportunity for embedded skills training, which gives salespeople the right messages, assets and tools for the particular sales play.

To learn more about the Triple Threat™ Training System, check out the solution brief.

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