Corporate Visions’ Newly Launched ‘Executing Profitable Growth’ Skills Course Helps Sales Teams Maximize Deal Value

Program Enables Salespeople to Drive Larger, More Profitable Opportunities by Training Them to Address Negotiations Throughout the Buying Cycle

LARKSPUR, Calif. – April 8, 2014 – Corporate Visions, Inc., the leading marketing and sales messaging, tools and training company, today announced it has launched Executing Profitable Growth™ – an update to its two-day, advanced negotiation skills course designed to help sales teams maximize the value they create throughout the entire buying cycle. The course, which is part of the company’s maximization skills offerings, has been enhanced with several key concepts and techniques, along with new eLearning and reinforcement content.

The Executing Profitable Growth course is designed to help experienced salespeople take and keep control of the sales process by identifying key areas where value leaks out of an opportunity before it reaches traditional late-stage negotiations. Specifically, the program teaches concepts such as identifying and executing “pivotal agreementsfor securing key milestones and using them as inspiration for exchanging value rather than giving it away, and asking “provocative questions” that drive a sales conversation toward a customer’s “unconsidered needs” to expand deal size and opportunities for differentiation.

The updated course now includes a complete blended learning approach: eLearning pre-work, in-person discovery cases, hands-on application and new job aids. Additional features include post-course eLearning reinforcement as well as a new third-party ROI assessment for tracking adoption, behavior change and business impact.

“Many salespeople today assume they are making progress on a deal, only to find out they’ve given away all of their negotiating power and have trained customers to keep asking for additional items or services with no additional charge. In fact, recent research we conducted found that 79 percent of sales reps say their sales process and CRM systems are ‘check-the-box’ activities that don’t help them close larger, more profitable deals,” said Tim Riesterer, chief strategy and marketing officer for Corporate Visions. “Executing Profitable Growth is an advanced negotiations course that promotes a different mindset to help salespeople exchange value throughout the buying cycle, enlarge deals and provide them with even more opportunities to protect revenue and profitability when it comes to the inevitable pressure at the end of a sale.”

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