New Research Firm, B2B DecisionLabs, is First Ever to Conduct Behavioral, Brain, and Field Testing Studies on B2B Buyer Interactions


Experiments will include industry research on key topics, technology stack studies to maximize effectiveness, and company-specific testing as a service

B2B companies just got their own dedicated research firm that studies how buyers frame value and make choices. Newly launched, B2B DecisionLabs will focus on helping marketing, sales, and customer success departments improve buyer interactions and drive better commercial outcomes.

B2B DecisionLabs consists of three distinct research practices designed to optimize performance at all stages in the revenue chain:

  • Behavioral Science Research using fast, large-scale simulation studies to apply behavioral outcome-based findings to performance.
  • Brain Study Lab with complete EEG, ECG, GSR, Eye Tracking, and Facial Recognition equipment to determine subconscious response and impact.
  • Field Test functionality, including a new 10-person inside sales call center and a lab-in-a-box solution, to test real-world interactions and outcomes.

B2B DecisionLabs will base its research agenda on hot industry topics, perform testing and validation for key technology platforms, and provide testing as a service for companies that want to research their own messaging, content, and buyer interactions. Experiments will include determining optimal cadences and touch patterns, studying messaging and content effectiveness, measuring conversation skills impact, and helping to determine the most appropriate tech stack.

“Ultimately, the plan is for B2B DecisionLabs to aggregate and anonymize the learnings generated by all of these research efforts and create a large body of science-backed results that B2B marketing, sales, and customer success professionals can access as part of both a free and paid subscription community,” said Tim Riesterer, Chief Visionary at B2B DecisionLabs.

“We envision B2B DecisionLabs eventually providing an entirely new, unique type of analyst firm to the industry. B2B DecisionLabs’ research is based on testing actual buyer interactions, unlike traditional survey and opinion-based analyst firms that only provide retroactive observations of so-called company best practices,” Riesterer added.

B2B DecisionLabs also plans to distinguish itself from traditional analyst firms such as Gartner and Forrester by performing company-specific experiments that provide custom findings—as opposed to generalized frameworks and recommendations—to help optimize go-to-market strategies. In addition, B2B DecisionLabs will provide consulting and training services to ensure seamless execution of those findings through its parent company, Corporate Visions, the leading provider of science-backed sales and marketing training and consulting services.

Examples of active and future B2B DecisionLabs experiments include:

  • Brain study and field test to determine the optimal buyer enablement content. Knowing that 80 percent of the buying journey is digital self-service, B2B DecisionLabs wants to determine the differing impact between static content assets vs. interactive assessment-type assets in motivating buying decisions.
  • Field testing to help companies lower the cost and improve the efficiency of their sales organizations, including determining the optimal mix between digital, automated touches, and human sales intervention and developing a playbook for field salespeople converting to an inside sales environment.

B2B DecisionLabs will be run with both on-staff and contract PhD scientists, specializing in the areas of behavioral economics, cognitive neuroscience, and social psychology.

About B2B DecisionLabs

B2B DecisionLabs is the only B2B research firm dedicated to studying how decision-makers frame value and make choices. Unlike traditional market research and advisory firms, B2B DecisionLabs conducts rigorous research studies based in several Decision Science disciplines:

  • Behavioral research – discover underlying buying motivations of B2B decision-makers.
  • Brain studies – measure subconscious responses to learn what motivates action.
  • Field trials – test and validate the ideal approach for turning prospects into customers.

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