Corporate Visions Announces New Rapid Response Messaging and Training to Provide “Situational Sales Enablement” for Fast-Changing Company Initiatives

RENO, NV. – September 14, 2020 – Corporate Visions, the leading provider of science-backed sales and marketing training and consulting services, announced a new Rapid Response Messaging and Training program to help B2B companies prepare their sales force to deal with sudden competitive moves, market changes, or global economic events. And, do it in a matter of weeks instead of months.

Too many companies plan their sales enablement with a “just-in-case” mindset: They plot out development programs based on competency maps and learning paths. But what happens in a “just-in-time” world, when sales teams face unexpected events or sudden strategic opportunities?

“When your revenue is on the line, you can’t wait six months or more to train and enable your organization to respond,” said Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer for Corporate Visions. “These urgent situations call for a faster, more flexible approach. You need to rally your team with a winning message, content assets, and integrated skills training designed to meet the needs of the specific situation.”

Rapid Response Messaging and Training programs developed by Corporate Visions enable companies of all sizes to stand up the new initiatives they need quickly, exactly when they need them most:

  • Price increases vital to growth that must be handled carefully to avoid churn.
  • Product launches with short windows to leverage a competitive advantage.
  • Market changes where customers are looking for essential insight and advice.
  • Business strategy shifts that must be communicated well for the greatest impact.
  • Competitive moves that require a fast, meaningful response to protect your customers.

“These initiatives are tied to the most urgent and strategic needs of the company. High-stakes situations that show up within a quarter and must be addressed immediately,” Riesterer added. “You can’t wait months to roll out a program—by then it will be too late.”

Scheduling sales enablement to follow a yearly plan won’t help companies address their most critical business challenges when they arise. The speed with which organizations are able to develop and deploy new messages, content, and skills can mean the difference between gaining the edge or losing it entirely.

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About Corporate Visions

Corporate Visions, Inc. is the leading provider of science-backed sales and marketing training and consulting services. Global B2B companies work with Corporate Visions to articulate value in their customer conversations in three ways:

Make Value Situational by distinguishing between customer acquisition and customer expansion

Make Value Specific by aligning conversations with the Customer Deciding Journey

Make Value Systematic by unifying Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success to speak in one voice

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